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Hok Kilitleri - Hokk Kilit San. Tic. A.Ş.


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HOK, the first lock factory in Turkey, was found in 1946. Our factory is still operating in a 7500 m2 factory building constructed over an area of 14000 m2 in the Organized Industrial Zone in Kayseri. Every kind of internal door (mortise) locks, external door locks (cylindrical) window latches are produced in our company with a capacity of producing 4000000 internal and external door locks, and 2000000 window latches in a year. Our basic principle is to produce the best quality goods at the cheapest price and be useful for the economy and people of this country. In accordance with this principle and thanks to our customers' trust on and support for our company, which once started to operate in a 30-40 m2 workplace with one manual press, has turned into a factory providing subsistence of hundreds of people directly and indirectly with a high technology manufacturing foundation in a 7500 m2 factory building today. Since safety is an indispensable factor today, HOKK Kilit introduces Confidence Series steel gate locks to our customers and modernizes its current products frequently. Confidence Series steel gate locks are manufactured after they are designed and tested by HOKK Kilit engineers in the HOKK Kilit R&D department which is founded with high technology investments. Confidence Series steel gate lock family has subgroups which have various products. Classic Group steel gate locks are produced through redesigning the known lock technology for the steel gate locks. Unique Group steel gate locks are designed and produced with the help of HOKK Kilit experience taking into consideration safety requirements of today. All rights of the Unique Group steel gate locks are reserved for HOKK Kilit San. ve Tic. A.Ş.. Making renewal its merit, HOKK Kilit is determined to continue renewing and enhancing its product variety. How happy we would if we could serve to our industry and people well...
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Adres: Merk:Organize San. Böl. 8.Cd
             - Kayseri - Türkiye

Tel: 0212 664 12 83/84   Faks: +90(0212)5468762

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Abdullah Küçükkatırcı
Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı
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187.4 sn.
27 Ağustos 2007

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