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Vario Profile - Vario Clic - Vario Dor - Yıldız Entegre Agaç San. ve Tic. A.Ş.


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Yıldız Integrated performing in the area of forestry products for over 100 years is a live example of entrepreneurial and determination of Anatolian man for success... Yıldız Family having started wood trade in Trabzon at e beginning of 1890s and then moved to Bafra and established wood plant took their first step of a long winded trading run in this way. After a modest wood plant, they founded factory in Samsun, Inegöl and Gaziantep respectively by second, third and fourth generation and after a glue factory in Kocaeli Yeniköy, they founded Yıldız Integrated in Kocaeli Arslanbey which is the largest MDF factory of the world. Yıldız Integrated operates the production of MDF, Decor Plated MDF, Laminated Parquet, MDF Profile, Glue and Door with its existing facilities within 500.000 m2 field in the area of forestry products. Yıldız Integrated exists among the largest at local and global scale in almost all area it displays activity. Yıldız Integrated having the longest MDF press of the world is at the position of the largest MDF producer in our country with its 3.000 m3 /day capacity. Turkey standing in sixth rank of MDF production in Europe in 2001 settled in second tier in Europe listing via the investments of Yıldız Integrated. Yıldız Integrated is nearly in the first 100 of "The Largest 500 Industrial Establishments" listing performed by Istanbul Chamber of Industry. The firm stands in 133. rank among 500 in 2006. Yıldız Integrated providing employment opportunity to 950 people follows the path of full integration in a way fitting its name. At the beginning of 2004, Yıldız Integrated started production of laminated parquet under Vario Clic mark and door under Variodor with a hundred year's experience and expertise in production facilities established in Arslanbey. Yıldız Integrated having reached the climax within a short time by a quantum leap in laminated parquet sector with Vario Clic producing viable floors for modern living areas reached the largest production capacity industrially in door sector with Variodor mark and became the wanted name of door sector within a very short time. Yıldız Integrated having reached international standards in laminated parquet and door production with Vario Click and Variodor marks, begun MDF profile production under Vario Profile mark. Yıldız Integrated operating production with 1 MDF dimensioning line, 3 profile milling line and 3 PVC binding line uses the latest technology in profile production like as in other products. Yıldız Integrated having leadership not only in area of forestry products but also in glue production is making investments for dislocating port facilities in Izmit in order to meet increasing importation and exportation capacity and to give loading and unloading services to the third persons. By means of these investments, Yıldız Integrated is making its own port one of the biggest ports of Körfez.
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Adres: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi No:5
            Arslanbey - Kocaeli - Türkiye

Tel: +90(0262)3166100/110   Faks: +90(0262)3166196/14

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27 Ağustos 2007

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