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Feza Çelik Kapı


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Our company has been established in the year 1976 about to supply service to the side automobile industry. Our company having produced hood parts and its devices at the beginning has included the mould production among its activities at the next years. In the coming years it has entered the construction market by increasing the reinforcement of additional machinery and staff and its production capacity and experience. It has effected the production of door made of steel % 100 and having a patent in Turkey in the year 1990 as being the first one in this field. Thanks to the technological innovations that it has developed, it has upgraded the trunk thickness to 5.5 cm and the door thickness to 9.5 cm as being the first one among the other manufacturers in this field. On the other hand, Our company giving a 5 year guaranty for the steel doors of inner place and a 10 year guaranty for the ones of the outer place supplies a lifelong guaranty for all doors it manufactured. As for the mounting of steel door without welding and concrete , it has been being used by our company as an important innovation in respect of the fact that our country is an seismic zone. The system ensures the door not to be tightened in emergency and the keys to easily operate. Feza Çelik Kapıları ( Feza Steel Doors) has put into circuit of the 20 points Central Key unlocking-locking system through the method of Identification of Finger print. And in the year 2006, it has focused its research and development studies over unlocking-locking through the latest pupil reading system. Our company perfectly, sensibly and swiftly producing steel doors through its 30 year experience by using robot technology in many stage of its production has got an production capacity meeting the majority of the steel door demand of our company through the production of construction of 50 to 60 doors at the closed area of 7500 m2 and on the open area of 3500 m2 by help of about 100 expert staffs and engineers. Both in Turkey and all over the world, The Finger Print Key System operating the 20 Point Central Locking System at the steel doors is available firstly just in Feza Steel Doors... WE PRODUCE 100% SAFE STEEL DOORS PECULAR TO YOU THROUGH THE FIRST AND SOLE TECHNOLOGY IN TURKEY THE SPECIFICATIONS OF OUR DOORS; - TRUNK WITH SELF MOLDING HAVING PASSING AND STRENGTHENING - THE MOUNTING OF OUR DOOR IS DONE IN A WAY OF STRETCHING THROUGH 10 PIECES M-6 BOLTS AFTER BOTH OF THE TRUNKS HAVE PASSED ONE INTO ANOTHER. - ALL THE CONNECTIONS OF OUR TRUNK IS DONE FROM INSIDE AGAINST ANY MATERIAL SHOCKS COMING FROM OUTSIDE. THE TOTAL SHEET IRON THICKNESS AT THE PARTS THAT MIGHT BE INJURED FROM OUTSIDE IS 2+2+1,5=5,5 cm AS FIRST AND ALONE IN TURKEY - THE WING OUTSIDE Of OUR DOOR IS POOL SHEET IRON AND IS SUPPORTED THROUGH VERTICAL OMEGA STRENGTHENING FROM INSIDE. THE WING OF OUR DOOR CONSISTING TOTALLY OF 4 PIECES IS ENTIRELY SUBJECTED TO CENTRING PROCESS THROUGH ROBOT SYSTEM. THE HINGE IS SUPPORTED 10 MM VIA EXTRA STRENGTHENING, AND 3 MM FOR THE PARTS BEING CONNECTED - THE HINGES ARE ADJUSTABLE AND MOVE ON THE STEEL MARBLE. THE CONNECTIONS OF THE HINGE TO THE SURFACES IS ENSURED AFTER THE WELDING WAY OF THE HINGE IS WELDED FIRST OF ALL ON THE STRENGHTENING ON THE WING AND THE TRUNK - THE FIST AND SOLE WING THICKNESS IN TURKEY 9,5 cm - BY COLAPSING THE KEY COUNTERPARTS AND BY INCREASING THE ENDURANCE, THE KEY COUNTERPARTS HAVE BEEN HIDDEN IN A WAY OF VARIOUS ADJUSTMENT. - OUR KEYS ARE OF A 20 POINTS CENTRAL KEY SYSTEM, OTHER MONOBLAK AND ITALIAN KEY SYSTEMS ARE DEPENDING ON REQUEST. - ORIGINAL SAFETY HARROW ADJUSTING DISTANCE - PRODUCTION ABSOLUTELY IN ACCORDANCE WITH MEASUREMENT- ANY GAP WOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO OCCURE UNDER THE TRUNK. - INSULATION GASKET AGAINST VOICE AND DUST - IMPORTED VIEWFINDER WITH LARGE ANGLE - THE ADVANTAGE GIVEN BY THE PASSING TRUNK IS THAT THERE MIGHT OCCURE NO COMPRESSION DURING THE EARTHQUAKE SINCE THE TRUNK AND TH WING MOVE ALL TOGETHER ACCORDING TO THE SYSTEM WITHOUT CONCRECT BEING APPLIED IN EUROPE. IN TURKEY, THIS SYSTEMS IS ONLY AT FEZA STEEL DOORS. - THE TRUNK AND THE WING PRESENT ENTIRELY AN WOOD ASPECT, WE PRESENT MANY ALTERNATIVES FROM OUR NUMBERLESS MODELS (LIMITLESS) - THE SURROUNDING OF THE WING IS COMPLETILY CHROME COATED WITH A STAINLESS STEEL (QUALITY 304) - THE WINGS AND THE INNER PARTS OF THE TRUNK ARE COMPLETELY DYED WITH ANTY RUST DYE AND, ENDURANT AGAINST OXIDATION
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Adres: İncirli Cd. N:104
            Bakırköy - İstanbul - Türkiye

Tel: 0212 561 00 17   Faks: 0212 572 18 71

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157.36 sn.
27 Ağustos 2007

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