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Ommi Metalurji Endüstri


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Omni metallurgy has been established in 1968 since that year,the firm has been succesfull in the mold/mould and spare part industry with its specialist personnel. :: Omni has been started in 1997 own products that "panic exit devices" in response to a need for protecting life safety while providing security, a purpose that still guides the firm today. :: Our target is to enter world market and expand our share in the area of activity, by harmonising to developing world technology.Currently the scope of our firm is mold/mould, spare part and CAD/CAM solutions. In the future we are planning to expand our scope and to enter the area of foreign trade. :: We can serve all sectors that need spare part and need CNC machining products Molds/Moulds that we can made :: Metal injection :: Plastic injection :: Metal dia :: Progressive Quality Policy :: To provide internal and external customers satisfaction by applying team work. :: To be one of the most outstanding company in mold/mould,spare part and CAD/CAM solution sectors by producing high quality goods in time,every time. :: To apply preventing approach methodology and to implement our duty right the first time. :: To apply continous improvement concept and to establish continous quality in production.
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Adres: 4.Esenşehir Bostancı Yolu Cad. Çetinkaya Sok. No:26 A/1-2 Y.Dudullu
            Ümraniye - İstanbul - Türkiye

Tel: 0216 415 45 08/499   Faks: +90(0216)4664272

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Fatih Tüysüz
Metalurji Mühendisi
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154.72 sn.
27 Ağustos 2007

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