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Rem Ahşap


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As Rem Steel, we are strong company. who is able to cover al over investments completely by ourselves, our production plant is supplied with tools of contemporary technology and replaced and expanded whenever to opportunity arises, and this ensures our product quality. This high production and rate providers out customers our premium performance/cost rate. The high performance / cost rate of our products and our customer based approach has already resulted in satisfaction and returning customers in many countries . and Rem Steel has been the icon of trust for both the customers and authorized sellers. Our company will continue using the accumulated know-how technology and finance in steel door business. Expanding the product line further and enhancing the production time. creating and reaching new markets are some of our basic near future aims. We would be glad to meet with you in the path to ideal perfection which we walk upon.
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Adres: Adnan Kahveci Mah. Köroğlu Caddesi N:43-1 Gürpınar
            Büyükçekmece - İstanbul - Türkiye

Tel: +90(0212)8750425   Faks: +90(0212)8751672

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172.48 sn.
27 Ağustos 2007

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