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Alluser Industrie - Ayem Güvenlik Gereçleri San. ve Tic. Ltd, Şti


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AYEM SECURITY EQUIPMENTS AYEM Security Equipments is a leading establishment in its sector by gathering all up-to-date technological developments with its experience of 28 years in the armored vehicle sector and having the best service for its customers as a principle. Our company that commenced its production under a British license in 1978 has the title of the firm having produced the first money-transfer (transport) vehicle in our country. At current period, it has made its own quality standards be accepted in domestic and export markets. Our company has provided 95 % of current banks within the last 15 years and continues to do so at current period as well. Our domestic production on its own has exceeded 10.000 units during the last 15 years. It has also effectuated its armored vehicle export to various Turkish Republics of the Central Asia, Far Eastern (China, Hong Kong) and European Countries individually and with the collaboration of Otosan Ford A.Ş. In addition to the armored money-transfer vehicles for banks, it manufactures VIP armored passenger cars, commercial armored vehicles, bullet-proof cashier's desks, workbenches and bullet-proof security offices and currently executed a distributorship agreement with the ALLUSER Industrie in order to import "Safe Security Doors" from Italy that is to be used for the first time in Turkey. We hope that they will be used in numerous establishments in Turkey from the first months of 2007 onward and provide important benefits in this respect. OUR PLANT We effectuate the production of our entire products by a band system being equipped with all sorts of technological equipment at a covered area of 5.000 sqm. Our R&D Department keeps working without any interruption in order to provide you with the best, fastest and most quality service as is all the time. Ayem Güvenlik Co. presents you as our esteemed customers all innovations of technology at the armored vehicle sector with their up-to-date state.
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Adres: Ambarlı Dolum Tesisleri Caddesi Şehit Zafer Sokak N:5
            Avcılar - İstanbul - Türkiye

Tel: (0212)4221575   Faks: (0212)4221574

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Orçun Ayral
Genel Müdür Yardımcısı
Mustafa Orduluoğlu
Teknik Müdür
Şirket Videoları

153.16 sn.
27 Ağustos 2007

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