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C.M.A.C. - Confederation Mondiale Artistique De La Coiffure


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The CAT Association (Club for the Artistic Technique) was founded in 1937 by two of its members : François Manien and Vincenzo Tocci. In the first years they looked for people of different nationalities willing to support their project aiming at developing the art of coiffure. In 1964, after many countries adhesion, a new idea arose: join all the members of CAT under the name of CMC - Confédération Mondiale Coiffure. Following François Manien's death, some changes took place. The two organisations dissolved but Mr Tocci went on working to re-build the association which later became the C.M.A.C.- Confédération Mondiale Académique de la Coiffure. From this event, many years have passed and the organisation obtained international assent and recognition by all its members. The Confédération joined together hairdressers, from different parts of the world, that wanted their official and legal interests to be fully represented. All the members took part in important international events where they could show their artistic abilities, thus becoming internationally recognised hairstylists, thanks to their distinctive technique abilities and the support of the Confédération. In this space of time, Mr Tocci and Mr Gianni Galal, his associate since 1977, worked together in solving the ever increasing number of problems linked to the Association, in sharing the positive and negative aspects of their actions and in leading the Association, through their sacrifices and successes, towards a " high professional standard". Mr Gianni Galal become the vice-president and right arm of Mr Vincenzo Tocci, who, a few years later due to health problems, delegated to him all official and non-official duties. During his business trips around the world, Mr Galal made the C.M.A.C popular, increasing its importance and profile. In the year 2000, whilst going through the Association's old documents, Mr Galal realised that there wasn't any official document concerning its foundation and activity. In October 2001, after months of never ending discussions and hard work in analysing the international legal framework and with the advice of laywers specialised in international law, Mr Galal, in cooperation with lawyer Mrs Maria Messa and her reliable notary, registered the juridical act of foundation to the Milan Court. In the same year, the C.M.A.C trademark was deposited and registered and the Statute of the Confédération was drafted in accordance with the rules and regulations, in Mrs Messa's office, who became the legal representative of the Confédération Mondiale. The new Confédération affirmed itself through Gianni Galal's leading and active participation. He decided to cut with the past and begin a new experience, changing the name of his association from Confédération Mondiale Académique de la Coiffure in Confédération Mondiale Artistique de la Coiffure. After years of struggle Gianni Galal met Mr Kristian Kapanov in Sofia during an event and at once they became friends. This friendship surely helped Mr Galal to strengthen his beliefs in the future success of the Confédération. From then onwards, their cooperation produced concrete results in securing a name to the C.M.A.C , joining the countries of the Middle East, represented Mr Galal, with those of Eastern Europe, represented by Mr Kapanov. In the first general meeting of the Confédération in 2001, Mr Galal appointed all presidents and vice-presidents of every associated country. All C.M.A.C members that signed the Statute of the Confédération and accepted its rules and legal and juridical terms, became legally qualified to develop in the world their advanced skills, giving life to new fashions and styles, in the name of a sole brand and following the exclusive philosophy of the Association. From 2001 till today the Confédération, by organising big events, international festivals and meetings has registered more than 33 countries and its members grew directly proportional to its success and work. Mr Galal's big bet for the future of the Confédération is the opening of C.M.A.C accademies mainly in the associated countries, in order to give a constant training to young people who want to stand out, to create a frame of mind able to consider the multi-ethnic differences and to develop an educational and cultural process directed towards the improvement of professional standards.
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Adres: Via Mazzali, 5 20132 Milano İtalia
             - - Türkiye

Tel: +39022895079-   Faks: +390226115780

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Gianni Galal
Presidente Mondiale Generale
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