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K Realty Bank - Koçak Gayrimenkul Bankası


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K Realty Bank is the right property firm in the rigth time with its 26 years past and its excellent system that is developed by examining other systems around the world, with very advantageous franchise opportunities, experience and its infrastructure in every field. Also K Realty Bank does not take any franchise fee or royalty when it gives Territorial Franchise (Distribution). The main target of this is, K Realty Bank allows its Territorial Franchise to use that franchise fee and royalty fee in spreading, development and presentation of the system around the country. Our main goal is to reach 20.000 agencies by the end of 2006 with our 20 Territorial Franchisees and with our web site that will give service in 40 different languages and make collective sale around the world and give a service on the bases of sharing. If you have farseeing, lidership and entrepreneur skills and feel that you could carry this flag with us as a territorial Franchise; And if you would like to reach the maximum profit with us, Please do not hesitate to contact us after examining.
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Adres: Reşit Galip Cad. No: 7
             - Ankara - Türkiye

Tel: (0090312)4440550   Faks: (0090312)4463297

Şirket Çalışanı Üyelerimiz:
Volkan Yaman
General Directorate
Türkan Koçak
General Coordinator
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Ürün Bulunamadı.
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171.44 sn.
27 Ağustos 2007

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