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Molümer - Izotaş İzolasyon Tur. Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti.

Molümer - Izotaş İzolasyon Tur. Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti. bilgisini Türkçe görmek için tıklayın.

Our company IZOTAS IZOLASYON LTD.CO starting from 1982 year is manufacturing MOLÜMER BRAND liquid Plastic Water isolation products and isolated internal and external surface dyes, concrete additives and making production, research and development about concrete additives. Our company provides service with educated professional dealers with well experienced high quality products about diminishing water and humidity problems for healthy and firm constructions from base to roof in accordance with the human health Some of our economical solutions are below: 1- Firm stucco without lime and water resistance. 2- Water base and roof concretes with water resistance and humidity resistance 3- Water resistant, can be washable, dust away dyes. 4- Liquid plastic terrace roof isolation applications 5- Water resistant refinery plants 6- Concrete and stucco resistant of acid and salt 7- Concrete pouring within water 8- Isolation of attachment points and cracks of prefabricated elements 9- Solution of pouring stucco and dyes 10- Cutting spring water and drying up. 11- Closing and revision of corners and tips of steel roof coatings 12- Providing hygienic usage areas in conformity with purpose. 13- Leak proof water tank and pools 14- Olympic swimming pool isolation and dyes 15- Water based wood and metal preservers
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Address: Pancar Yolu 1700.Mt. Ayrancılar
            Torbalı - İzmir - Türkiye

Tel: (0232)8547113(4Hat)   Fax: (0232)8547114

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İsmail Demirtaş
(Teknik Öğretmen An Yapı Uzmanı)
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