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Lafarge Beton A.Ş.

Lafarge Beton A.Ş. bilgisini Türkçe görmek için tıklayın.

Since 1991 ylndan concrete sektrnde production gsteren Lafarge Aggregates and Concrete Group; 3 agrega Jan, 1 KRM plant, automated yaknlkta been found sui kullanclara ready concrete 23 (5 concrete plants ready to be amz franchise to zerinde) plants a gene from oluan delivery datm ayla zamannda; technical mhendisliinde do with quality performance and to achieve mkkemmellii phase amalayan protecting the aggregate type, standard and custom concrete oluan gene from a range of ready concrete rn pumps as well as mobile, fixed pumps, konveyr band system, such as towers vin very ok with different equipment and projects anti yerleimi into account the cost of alternative services field in the concrete ready dnya standartlarnda quality service offers mterilerinin. sektrnde a concrete ready ilk'Ieri gerekletirerek, yntemiyle franchise yaama geiren Lafarge'n transmission facilities, currently in Sakarya (nci Concrete) in Karasu (nci Concrete), Er channel 'de (Balci Concrete), in Yalova (Yalova ready Concrete) and ile'de (with concrete) franchise systems are available, and new on this issue continues to receive. Lafarge Aggregates and Concrete Trkiye Group, mterilerine rn sunduu quality and service to society and gsterdii respect to phase, gerekletirdii srekli aratrma and gelitirme, sunduu added to the deer and alanlarnn professional career uygulad with technical efficiency arttrc island ynetim is a group leader Trkiyede sektrn. Lafarge Aggregates and Concrete Trkiye future leadership position in the middle gvenilir i korumann as well as range and mteri NEWS rn rnlerle further memnumiyetini Tamay targets. The IInd yenilikiliini, technology, ncln, rn the quality of service and satisfaction as well as mteri; mteriye range of custom concrete and decorative concrete in the IInd, Agilia kendiliinden yerleen concrete, decorative chemicals, somix lightweight concrete, ready or sva, Konveyr band system, the tower vin, .. like every year ncln innovations made arttrarak gelitiriyor. Lafarge Aggregates and Concrete Trkiye Group, with 75 field dnya apnda 75,000 Lafarge Group lkede of parasdr activities gsteren. Aggregates and concrete plant in 1700 with 28 lkedeki yaklak ready dnyada second in concrete, aggregate position in the nc materials to create and make the future Lafarge'n target new yzylda to offer new zmler tr.
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Address: Yolbulan Plaza B Blok K:2 Sarı Kanarya Sk. N:22
            Kozyatağı - İstanbul - Türkiye

Tel: 02165715858   Fax: 02165715859

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Tankut Soydan
Firma Yetkilisi
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