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Mutlu Holdıng A.Ş.

Mutlu Holdıng A.Ş. bilgisini Türkçe görmek için tıklayın.

Since its foundation in 1945, Mutlu Incorporate has been of service in both export and import and has been active during the period named Prospering of Turkish Economy. Starting production in 1955, -a period when new liberal and open market export oriented economic policies were being adopted by the government post 1983- Mutlu Akü with the high level of quality has prevailed over its rival brands, both locally and internationally. As the consumers rewarded quality further, domestic market share has grown every year, and reached 40%. Exports which commenced with 2 million dollars, has gradually increased to 25 million dollars. In 1996, The Mutlu facilities were relocated from Kartal to Tepeören-Tuzla. Most of the cost of this modern facility has been provided from the net assets of the company while the remaining one fourth has been provided by floatation in the stock market. The ratio of public shares has been increased to 25% in the years 1994 and 1995; thus gaining Mutlu the status of a public company. Mutlu Akü serving within Mutlu Holding Company is the first of the companies founded, and has the dynamism to be the driving power of the group. Other subsidiary companies within the Holding are; Mutlu Plastik A.Ş., Türker İzabe ve Rafine San. A.Ş. Battery production takes place at the Tepeören facilities of Mutlu. Within the same facilities, derivatives of lead such as red lead and litharge, that are important raw materials for the industry of glass and ceramics, are also produced. Smelting and refinery plants are located in Kütahya-Gediz. With the high quality, capacity and notion of trust worthy service of Mutlu has become the biggest battery manufacturer of Turkey, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. With the opening of the new 230,000 m2 facilities on its 51st anniversary, Mutlu as the giant of its sector has become the pride of its homeland.
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Address: Akfırat Beldesi Tepeören Mah. Eski Ankara Yolu Üzeri
            Tuzla - İstanbul - Türkiye

Tel: +90(216) 3041590   Fax: +90(216) 3041870

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Tansel Şahin
Satış Müfettişi
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